Sunday, May 10, 2015

Vintage Omega 120 Seamaster

Just traded my Fortis moon phase for an OMEGA - Vintage Seamaster 120 Automatic Cal 565 Ref. 166.027 Circa 1960  with the faded

 "Ghost Bezel" w/ Patina. I have been very disciplined in keeping the quantities of the watches down and not adding any new unless some old one is out.

The Omega Seamaster line remains a perennial favorite amongst watch collectors, and this vintage Seamaster 120 is an excellent reminder of the brand's storied past and commitment to the exploration of our oceans. It was by chance that I came across this beauty and I am glad to be able to swap watches with fellow collector.  This is the smaller brother of the Seamaster 300 and it was originally popular with snorkelers and skindivers. This particular Seamaster dates from the mid-1960s, and features the Omega Calibre 565 automatic winding movement.  With serial nos 269,744,xxx the watch was dated 1968.

Below picture show the 120 sitting next to the SM300. If I am not wrong, there are one more version of the SM 120 with a fatter case as well as another SM300 in smaller case.

Just back from service 


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