Thursday, August 14, 2014

Swatch Diaphane One

The Diaphane One is unique & commissioned by Nicholas Hayek as a testament to the world that Swatch is capable of producing a high quality mechanical watch. Swatches were considered a plastic watch with low price tags but this time they clearly wanted to make a statement and show its expertise so the Diaphane One was conceived, a groundbreaking watch that shook the watch world. It was completely mechanical yet housed in their signature plastic case while a diamond was added for a sense of luxury.

The Swatch Group is the worlds largest watchmaker with multiple brands in it's stable. In 2001 Swatch launched its 2222 Diaphane One watches for an eye popping price of 3,333 euros, they were sold out.

The carousel movement moves inside the case what makes this watch so extremely special. The whole movement makes in 30 mins a full rotation.

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