Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rolex 1675 gilt

This is a 1.2 mil serial number circa 1964 Rolex 1675 gilt dial from the US.

It has an Excellent case with no dings, dents or major scratches and no corrosion. Both serial and reference numbers are intact and visible with thick and even crown guards. 

The most valuable part of the Dial is excellent glossy w/ gilt print. All minute markers are intact. No spotting or uneven aging on dial. Faintly glows after exposure to bright light. Date disk is correct with open 6's and 9's. 

According to the reputable seller, under certain angle and zoom, some scratches/tool marks can be seen on gloss finish. No cracking or deep very noticeable scratches. Caseback is excellent with 1675 and IV.64 stamps with No corrosion and has sharp teeth with no dents or dings on outside.  Bezel is excellent and not overpolished w/ pepsi insert. In person, the colors on insert have aged to a light-royal-blue and faded-raspberry-red hues. Bracelet is excellent USA CI rivet w/ 12 links. Clasp is stamped 7-64. Very light stretch from use. When buying vintage watches, remember to buy from reputable seller..

This watch is slightly older then me...what more can you asked? Life is good! 

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