Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Rolex 6305 Big semi bubbleback with date

I have always love the Rolex bubbleback and recently, i come across this nice condition 6305, a bigger size semi bubbleback with date and with the red word Datejust. These watches has become popular now owing to the larger sizes. Many watch collectors have started to hunt for these bigger vintage watches.

I have to use a Rolex small Datejust 6294 + Longines platinum with diamonds markers + cash to exchange for this watch from 1955.. 

To streamline the number of watches, I have implemented a "One out and one in" strategy in order to keep the nos in a more manageable level. Since the beginning of the year, I have sold off most of my vintage amplifiers as well as those military watches and watches that do it fall into my collection categories as I am hoping to focus on small collection of vintage Patek and Rolex...

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