Thursday, June 06, 2013


I must thank my friend Binh for helping to find this 8171. More importantly, I am grateful for him to allow me to pay in multiple installments. The process of collecting this 8171 was an interesting one as I have to spend many sleepless night thinking before I have made up my decision.

Furthermore, I will have to convert nearly all my vintage amplifiers, speakers and many other stuff etc in order to generate much cash for the watch including much of my bonus.

The satisfaction of having this classic is really something beyond $. This 1953 watch being an early complication of Rolex and being such a large watch (especially during that time showed that the designer then really has a vision for the popularity of larger watch.

Being a non oyster Rolex has also made this watch unique (versus 6062 oyster model) as I don't think Rolex will made this Moonphase watch again especially for an Non-oyster model. Recently, Rolex has brought back many classic models such as the explorer 1,2, the GMT,the submariner etc but this Moonphase watch will be a challenge as it will not fit not into the "Oyster series",,..

Anyway, this 8171 will fit very nicely with my vintage big bubbleback and other bubbleback and semibubbleback series...

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