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Vintage Mickey mouse watch

Every boy loves the Mickey. Having collected many watches, I felt a strong desire to dedicate a page to the Mickey mouse watch fom the 1930s, 40s and 60s.

The first Mickey mouse watch was launched in 1933 Chicago Fair - very first Ingersoll Mickey Mouse. Peculiar case with wire lugs and art deco' decoration on the bezel. Rare original first dial with 'equivalent' numbers 5 and 7. Of all the Mickey mouse watch, this is the most collectable. You can often see this watch at the vintage watch shop and more often or not, the shop keeper will often put a not for sale sign and for display only.

From 1938 to '42 : Ingersoll 'five notches' case.
(Note : this is the Ingersoll worn by the character Pink - Bob Geldof - in the movie The Wall, A. Parker, 1982)

With the outbreak of WW2 and the involvement of the United States in the WW II, for three fully years, from 1943 to '45, the production of Mickey Mouse watches ceased.
It started again in 1946 with a new type of rectangular case, without small seconds display and a more modern Mickey image (following its evolution on the movies).
Even if the company was now US Time, Ingersoll name was left for the most, on the dials or box packagings of these post war watches.

The laser that I have was a 1960s Mickey made in Hong Kong.

It is important for me to once in a while wear the Mickey mouse watch, so as to remind me to keep the young at heart ...
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