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Vacheron & Lecoultre galaxy mystery dial

This is a double signed watch with cooperation Vacheron Constatin and leCoultre - At around 1940, Le Coultre Co., the manufacturer, had no sales organization. Jaeger, the intervenor, was the sale sales outlet for all Le Coultre Co. products. In 1939 Jaeger in a written contract granted Vacheron the right to sell and advertise their clocks in the United States. This right, however, was not exclusive. The contract reserved to Jacques Cartier, Inc. of New York the right, granted some time in 1937 or before to import and sell Atmos clocks in the United States at retail under the same 'Cartier' which appears prominently on the dial of all the Atmos clocks so sold.

Vacheron and Constantin - Vacheron and Constantin's origins can be traced back to 1755, when the 24 year old Jean-Marc Vacheron joined the ranks of the Cabinotier of Geneva. Jean-Marc quickly established a reputation for producing timepieces of the highest grade. Vacheron's reputation extended to the Royal Courts of Europe, where their creations impressed even the Court Timekeeper and Royal Watchmakers.
Georges-Auguste Leschot was one of the genius pioneers of the mechanization of serialized production, along with predecessor F. Japy in France (early 1800's), and contemporaries P.F. Ingold, Americans A.L. Dennison, the Pitkin brothers, E. Howard, and Custer.
During the latter part of the 19th century, Vacheron and Constantin underwent a number of name and individual ownership changes, but always with a Vacheron and a Constantin at the helm.
Since the company's earliest days, royalty and heads of state were avid customers, and even in their native Switzerland, Vacheron and Constantin were the preferred brand for important official gifts.

Jaeger-LeCoultre - In 1833 thirty-year-old Antoine LeCoultre, son of Vallee de Joux watchmaker Jacques LeCoultre, opened a small factory in the town of Le Sentier. In any event, LeCoultre soon proved himself to be a gifted watchmaker, but an even more brilliant inventor. LeCoultre movements were highly regarded.
In 1925, the grandson of the firm's founder, David LeCoultre, merged his company with that of Edmond Jaeger, the exclusive supplier of watch movements to Cartier. This is when the modern company known as Jaeger-LeCoultre first came into existence. Incredibly enough, up to this point, Jaeger-LeCoultre had not sold any watches under its own name. The merger, however, prompted further technical innovations, not the least of which was a case made from stainless steel, as well as the creation of the smallest mechanical movement in the world, which weighed less than one gram.
Every single component in a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch is hand-finished, produced in-house, and this in turn results in strict quality control. As a result, Jaeger-LeCoultre watches are recognized as being among the very finest hand-crafted watches available.
DIAL : Beautiful black dial with applied diamond hour markers and diamond Mystery dial hands. The dial is signed LeCoultre.
DIAMONDS : 37 single brilliant cut diamonds (also called 8/8) with a total estimated weight of approx. 0.40 crt.
WEIGHT : 31.40 gram (20.19 dwt)
BRAND : leCoultre
ENGRAVING : At the back of the case: "Vacheron & Constatin - Le Coultre Watches Inc. ©" and "14K Gold".
HALLMARKS : No trace at the outside
CONDITION : Excellent condition - (our condition scale)
DIMENSIONS : Diameter approx.3.34 cm (1.31 inch)

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