Friday, January 02, 2009

Swatch Limited edition "tourbillon"

Happy 2009 everyone!

I am not a Swatch watch collector as the nos is too large to collect. Nevertheless, the only Swatch that I have collcted is the limited edition Swatch "tourbillon" watch which will rotate every 30 mins.

I was told that the concept for Swatch to produce a Tournillon watch came about as a result of some watch maunfaturers making remarks that Swatch is only capable of producing cheap plastic watch.

To make a point that Swatch has tha capability to produce "quality and fine watches for the connisseur", Mr. Hayek commissioned the speacial project in very limited quuanatities. The is one being auctioned for charity fo over US$10,000 (still cheap considering the new movement).

These watches were hardly sold in public as these were often "sold" to their top retailers when they hit their annual Swatch sales targets.

I have managed to get one as the previous Brand Manager for Swatch is my good friend.. : )

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