Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rolex Big Bubbleback Ovettone with date

This is a rare ROLEX OYSTER DATE , aka "big bubblebacks" or called Ovettone by Rolex .
This is a s/steel and gold oyster case band , auto date , cal.740 , super oyster crown
red and black date [ so called roulette date ] ref.6031 [ 36 m/m dia. case ] c1951
signed case , dial , movement , band [ orig. later added steel & gold band ]

There are two versions of the vintage Big bubbleback, the Rolex Ref 4467 & 6031 using the real and thicker bubbleback movement, and the dial wording Rolex Oyster perpetual; and the later Model ref 6105 and 6305 Ovettone, with dial Rolex Oyster perpetual DATEJUST , using the slightly flatter semi bubbleback movement. Produced in less than 1000 examples from 1950-1952.
I have stopped actively collecting vintage watches for nearly 2 years asI was pre-occupied with my vintage hifi equipment.

Lately, I have managed to come across a nice Big bubbleback 6031 and the desire to try to add in the big bubbleback to my bubbleback collection grew. I have managed to find the small bubbleback, the medium size bubbleback, the semi bubbleback but not the Big bubbleback Ovettone. Now, I am eagerly waiting for the arrival of my Ovettone! The bracelet is a later Rolex bracelet..

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