Sunday, June 26, 2016

Duward Aquastar diver watch

Aquastar has many co branding. For example,  Aquastar is distributed in the US by Heuer , Duward in Spain , Tissot Aquastar know was only sold in the South Pacific. I am fortunate to be able to find one 1960s diver in very good condition and with the original metal bracelet. This is a value for money vintage diver with the original glass and metal bracelet. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

ZRC variations

ZRC variations

Photos from the net. Recent addict...😊 ZRC diver watches were sold at diving shops and these are real tools watch used by divers. As a result, many ZRC bezels and parts get changed in the life of the watch, which add history and colors to the watch. Not your usual watch bought from watch boutiques..

Photos from the Internet


Non action

Given the rising prices of the watches, I have decided to take a break. The prices of vintage Rolex sports watches are very high and even a...